Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You Got to be Kidding! - IP Address?

In my last blog posting, I stated that I would address some problems that I have been told quite too often. It is about the IP address itself alone. After the shutdown of Ojo recently, I have tried to encourage customers to use IP-based or IP-Named addresses to help them communicate another way out to their friends due to the SIP being down. However, I have been told by customers "where can I find my IP address?", "I do not know how I can find it", etc. etc. I looked puzzled at them and told them that they got to be kidding because VRS Provider's Installers, Trainers, or Representatives have a duty to explain how to tell you where your actual IP address are after installing your equipment. A higher number tells me that most Installers just set up the equipment and boom leaves because they have others to install. Very few tell me they forgot how to find it on the Videophone in which they thought it was the IP Address ( There are no winning situations in either problems they are faced with. Being a former Installer/Representative myself, I do explain to customers of where their IP address are and how they can find it because I have a job to do and my job is to be sure there are no questions prior before I leave on my next assignment. Customers are my loyalty. I wanted to be sure they are happy and familiar with the new videophone equipment and where they can go from here to there. Often time a struggle can become a problem when trying to get the ip address read from the modem given by your Cable or DSL provider. It takes an expert installer or representative to solve the issues.

By all means, have no fear, glad to show you the way to your ip address. Remember these are for customers not so quite familiar of how to find their IP address. For those who know the way, here is my high FIVE!!!!!!!!.

First thing to do is hit this link, WHATISMYIP You will find your IP address number. You can as well go to another website, HOVRS. Look down at the bottom and find your ip address. (You can check out your VRS Provider website to see if your IP Address are showing as well) These numbers with dots are your actual ip address that you can give to your friends, families or etc. These IP Address numbers MUST match your PUBLIC IP on your Sorenson / Dlink VP. To check these out, just follow these steps below.

Press Settings
Press Network
Press Public IP (look at the first line and see if it matches)

For those with Ojo, it is shown right in front of your display screen.

Another thing is when you have DSL, your IP address may changes abruptly depends on the pricing package or weather related. Often time free modem can be outdated modems. It depends on your DSL providers. Frustration mount heavy when your IP Adddress changes quite often. If that happens, I would recommend you to obtain a free IP Named Address. This can be obtained from the websites of DYNDNS or NO-IP. Try to use these methods to less your frustrations. The IP address may change but the name does not. It remains at all times.

Many of you are quite happy with the VP Phone numbers. Phone numbers are ok. But when you want to call your friend from another kind of equipment that does not have the same VP as yours, then you may need to dial out an IP address to call them. They will need to call you as well with your IP address. Be well prepared today and know how to use it.

Smile today until then stay tuned.....

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ojo Videophone is bacccccccccckkkkkkk!

Hello Everyone! It gives me great pleasure to inform you that Ojo is now up and running as normal. Please spread the word and please thank Snap!VRS for all their efforts in making this quick and possible. Go enjoy the Ojo now and make SnapVRS calls to your friends, families or business.

Please go to and read the highlights in ASL about their announcement of this exciting time to use Ojo again.

Smile on!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Ojo Videophone - Report from Snap!VRS's Own, Jeff Rosen

Good Morning!

Today is the 38th day that Worldgate Communication has not yet turned back the network server for all customer Worldwide including Snap!VRS's own in which they are contracted under with. Snap!VRS are still operable under the H.323 technology tool that the deaf/hard of hearing customers can still use. With this old technology tool, we are still able to use the IP based numbers. The SIP technology is down for now as this is used for "phone numbers" you can call out.

Below you will find a video from Snap!VRS's own, Jeff Rosen. You can log onto their website, and from there you can hit their PDF format to read the same message as what Jeff Rosen is reporting.

After reading this report, it has not yet impacted me. This is the same story that they keep telling us "making good progress" "You can still call Snap!VRS by using DLink, Sorenson's device......" etc. These are the same stories from the past 3 reports. I do not buy into this message because it is the 38th day and Snap!VRS has not undocked from the port of Worldgate Communication. They are still stranded. If Snap!VRS stated they are current on their financial matters with Worldgate Communication, then why have not they yet sailed off? There must be an other issues that we may be left in the "dark" that may prevent them to undock. I can not complain about Snap!VRS because they are contracted under Worldgate Communicaton and they are entitled to not sharing details. These are typcial statement coming from all businesses.

However, from Snap!VRS customer's perspective, hope are fading to use their service due to this lengthy delay. I do not blame them. I cannot persuade the customer's to remain postive and hope for the best of Snap!VRS because this is America, they have a say and a choice to use the service or not. Like all customer stated, its way too long for this kind of delay and they opt to eye elsewhere that are fitted for them to use "phone numbers". I found this very interested to know most customers are not familiar with IP Based calls. They prefer phone numbers that they can easily remember and save in their speed dial. IP base number changes depends on their ISP providers. With the SIP down, that hurt Snap!VRS's customer. Due the kind of problems on IP Based numbers, I will address this in my next blog report.

Lastly, my comments above to Snap!VRS is not intended to give them a negative comments. I am sharing what outsider are saying about the company's slow and lengthy delay. I will use Trump's Apprentice show 's titled quote. "It's nothing personal...It's just business" This is merely a fitted quote.

Thanks for your time!

Stay tuned!