Monday, September 29, 2008


Good Morning Everyone!

It has been a while since I last blogged back in June related to a problem I encountered from HOVRS on interoperability issues that I experienced between my Ojo Videophone and the HOVRS VRS. As you know not receiving words from both of them after my last report, I filed FCC Complaint in July 2008 on ground of interoperability failure. FCC responded and wanted to follow up with HOVRS on this informal complaint.

Today, I am happy to inform you Ojo customers that it finally worked. I have tested hearing patrons for calls to see if incoming call will work. It works! I even gave my HOVRS Purple Number (10 numbers) to one of my hearing patrons and the 10 number system worked as well! Knowing that it now works, I will consider this case closed.

I would like for all Ojo Customers to give SNAPVRS (Jeff Rosen) and Go America - HOVRS (Kelby Brick) a big THANK YOU for ensuring that interoperability will not be in the way between both of them. They worked feverishly to address this problems.

Jeff and Kelby, Thank you!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

HOVRS - A Technical problem!!!

Good Morning! On May 29, 2008 there seem to be a problem with HOVRS's new platform system. (Radvision - if I correctly got it right) What seem to be triggering the problem?? To top it off, I have been getting email from my hearing loyalist (family members, business patrons, doctors, etc.) in which they tried to reach me on several occasions through special number I encouraged them to use through HOVRS but they were unable to. Then came a "strange" screening pop up on my Ojo showing "VOICE ONLY" (see image below) as the videophone rings, I could not get it to "answer" or any video image appearing. It hung up itself. I knew it was coming from a HOVRS VI. Even worst, I could not reach HOVRS Customer Care as the image showed up as well. Tried Viable Vision Webcam, still could not connect to Customer Care. Obviously, a problem occurred.

I found it wacko to see the word appearing on my Ojo. HOVRS knew I am deaf. Why showing that word? Why not "Incoming Call from VI" This will easy tell me I am receiving a call. You have a better idea? Did HOVRS test it before going out to use it? HOVRS have deaf employee there and they should have be involved to check it out and give feedback and inputs for improvements or modifications. I guess it did not. I decide to report this problem to Dan Luis of GOAmerica and Ed Routhier, President of HOVRS. I have not yet received Dan Luis's email or comment but I did receive from Ed. See Below.

from Ed Routhier
date Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 11:04 AM
subject FW: HOVRS Incoming Calls



I’ve asked our head of Technology to look into this personally. Thank you for reaching out to me, we are working hard to upgrade our services and appreciate our loyal user’s patience. The future of VRS is going to a whole new level thanks to
the hard work of our engineers and if there are some bumps along the way, we will work quickly to resolve them…, Ed

My hats off to Ed for his responding my email, but ED, it’s June 22, 2008 and still your 'hard work engineers" have not resolved this problem to date. What seem to be taking that long? Engineers are paid well to know of a problem within their sight. If this problem lags long, I may have to file FCC complaint next month. It will give me 45 days grace period to file a complaint. However, I felt I am not getting the service I expect out from HOVRS.

Due to this struggling problem, I have informed my hearing patrons to use SNAPVRS number to reach me. I like it as far as today because I found it "kewl" to see a VI leaving me a video message via my Ojo. Other VRS Providers do not do offer this feature. This is something I consider it a very "easily" to read messages. SNAPVRS's own for hearing callers to reach me is "headaches" for hearing patrons because of the 20 numbers they have to remember. Take for example, a General Contractor walking around the construction site and decided to call me and wanted to discuss an issue at stake on one of the area of construction problem. He has SNAPVRS number stored but does not have my phone number which he has to walk back to the trailer and give to the VI. He leaves his trailer and walked back to the same spot and discusses with me the construction issue. That is definitely a "headache". Bottom line is I do get messages back. Another thing to remember is that SnapVRS does not as I learned have video messages being left on your email. Guess you cannot win it all from all VRS Provider. Hopefully this new number system discussed at the FCC meetings for all VRS Providers to provide before December 2008 arrives soon. This should help.

I have asked a source of mine to call in HOVRS Customer Care to report or if they knew of a problem. Like I always expected, there is always the blame game. VRS Provider Customer Care / Technicians love to point the blame on other videophone devices instead of their own. It is not about competition, it is about a problem. Customer Care / Technicians ought to "listen" to the problem first instead of flatly out pointing its Ojo's problem, Its Viable's problem, etc. This has to stop!

Hopefully, HOVRS will do their best to resolve this problem and I do test it everyday. Sadly, it still has not been resolved.

I just want to share with you of problems facing today! HOVRS is a very good company with very good loyal video interpreters. I still do use their service but not after May 29, 2008 due to this new problem. I use SNAPVRS as well and balance it both.

Thank you!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Video Message on Pagers

I have this Moto Q pager from Verizon Wireless. Loved it!!! No questions!! Had it for two years and my contract with Verizon Wireless expires this month. I am shopping around for pagers that can view video messages with "FLASH" software. As of today, I have checked around and found that MOST pagers do not support FLASH software. If any of you are able to download FLASH software to your pager and can view video messages from your email, please let me know. I would love to know which pager supports FLASH software that way I can have a look at it. With my pager, I can receive emails using pop/smtp features while on road or away from my laptop.

I have a profile set up under HOVRS for hearing loyalist to contact me via my extension number and HOVRS can leave a video message in my email with their FLASH feature. Verizon Wireless does not support FLASH softwares on my Moto Q which I was hoping to view video message through while on road for business. Unfortunately no luck! However, I was able to view video messages by using WMV. It worked beautifully! CSDVRS and SorensonVRS supported WMV with no problem. As for HOVRS, no I was not able to due to their FLASH feature. In the past, I have for numerous of time told HOVRS to add WMV to their feature as well, but I presume my message does not meant a thing to them. Guess they have their own preference. That is understandable but it does not work on most pagers. If CSDVRS/SorensonVRS are the only VRS provider with WMV supports, then I may have to decide to switch because getting video message across to you while on road can help receive messages from your loved ones, families or business. You may be able to call back immediately if needed. This help get your message across. I do not know of SNAPVRS, I called in and their Support Technicans do not have a clue to answer. Iphone?? Does that support flash feature? Do you people have a recommendation? Please feel free to comment and recommend which pager so I can have a look. If HOVRS will be providing WMV as their features, I will be happy to kept the pager I have now. If not, I will shop around. Thank you!