Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You Got to be Kidding! - IP Address?

In my last blog posting, I stated that I would address some problems that I have been told quite too often. It is about the IP address itself alone. After the shutdown of Ojo recently, I have tried to encourage customers to use IP-based or IP-Named addresses to help them communicate another way out to their friends due to the SIP being down. However, I have been told by customers "where can I find my IP address?", "I do not know how I can find it", etc. etc. I looked puzzled at them and told them that they got to be kidding because VRS Provider's Installers, Trainers, or Representatives have a duty to explain how to tell you where your actual IP address are after installing your equipment. A higher number tells me that most Installers just set up the equipment and boom leaves because they have others to install. Very few tell me they forgot how to find it on the Videophone in which they thought it was the IP Address ( There are no winning situations in either problems they are faced with. Being a former Installer/Representative myself, I do explain to customers of where their IP address are and how they can find it because I have a job to do and my job is to be sure there are no questions prior before I leave on my next assignment. Customers are my loyalty. I wanted to be sure they are happy and familiar with the new videophone equipment and where they can go from here to there. Often time a struggle can become a problem when trying to get the ip address read from the modem given by your Cable or DSL provider. It takes an expert installer or representative to solve the issues.

By all means, have no fear, glad to show you the way to your ip address. Remember these are for customers not so quite familiar of how to find their IP address. For those who know the way, here is my high FIVE!!!!!!!!.

First thing to do is hit this link, WHATISMYIP You will find your IP address number. You can as well go to another website, HOVRS. Look down at the bottom and find your ip address. (You can check out your VRS Provider website to see if your IP Address are showing as well) These numbers with dots are your actual ip address that you can give to your friends, families or etc. These IP Address numbers MUST match your PUBLIC IP on your Sorenson / Dlink VP. To check these out, just follow these steps below.

Press Settings
Press Network
Press Public IP (look at the first line and see if it matches)

For those with Ojo, it is shown right in front of your display screen.

Another thing is when you have DSL, your IP address may changes abruptly depends on the pricing package or weather related. Often time free modem can be outdated modems. It depends on your DSL providers. Frustration mount heavy when your IP Adddress changes quite often. If that happens, I would recommend you to obtain a free IP Named Address. This can be obtained from the websites of DYNDNS or NO-IP. Try to use these methods to less your frustrations. The IP address may change but the name does not. It remains at all times.

Many of you are quite happy with the VP Phone numbers. Phone numbers are ok. But when you want to call your friend from another kind of equipment that does not have the same VP as yours, then you may need to dial out an IP address to call them. They will need to call you as well with your IP address. Be well prepared today and know how to use it.

Smile today until then stay tuned.....


Anonymous said...

Yes, most trainers/installers tell customers how to locate their IP addresses... Problem is, do they remember? No! Do they understand? They don't care, all they wanna do is after the VP is hooked up to make calls to their friends. Pretty soon they forget what an IP address is... And why not? A phone number is more convenient and easy to use.

I'd personally prefer to use a phone number and to that end encourage providers to open up and share their technology. If not, then I'll go with the winningest proposition.

May the best win.

SweetMind said...

Too dangerous to give out the ip addresses that I opposed for anyone to have it.

I do not agree with ip address at all. It s very risk chance for you to have the computer to be destroy by hacker or someone who knew how to hurt others for their own cruel fun games. Scoffs!

Well, I refused to give out to anybody except very few people that I could trust. THAT IS IT! I prefer the phone numbers instead of ip addresses.

It is too limitation for us to use OJO because of the screen is too small. It s very difficult to see the person from the screen. It sux.

I like Ojo a lot meanwhile, I dont bother to struggle for making a phone call after all, it still won't let me dial up my friend's phone number or ip addresses. It s still running out of service that hasn't solved the problem yet for few months after all, OJO service is back.

There is no winning situation about ojo or sorenson. I don't like Sorenson s attitude toward Deaf people. I dont have any respect for their business and their attitudes. Thats their loss.

Many Deaf people don't realize how Hearing get away with it while they don't know the truth. RME! I don't use any those services very much because I don't feel right about this anymore.

Hearing people are make a big profit money while Deaf people need a good interpreter in the classrooms after all, Hearing business doesn't need them at first place while we deserve to have a god damn good interpreters in Hospital, Hearing college, and many others that we do not have a good one yet.


Anonymous said...


It is very understandable of your
fear about hackers. I wonder if you are aware that you have already provided your IP address to James Northcutt. He saw your IP address once your comment was
clicked to be published.

The only way for preventing people
to see your IP address is not to
have your comment published on
DeafRead or notes emailed to people.

SweetMind said...

NO kidding! it left me no choice. I am not afraid to stand up and tell the whole truth that somebody want to destroy me ..So here I am still much ALIVE if you mind.

Why are you using Anonymous all along? so therefore it could be Y O U. I dont even know who is James Northcutt if you care to tell me who is he?

Thats why I don't use OJO or sorenson very much.

SCOFFS at you as anonymous, cruel/evil hackers and people who have no respect in themselves.

I already knew when I first came in and my first blog that is where I got virus from at first place. I knew what I am talking about and am not chicken to face them while they are chicken out to face with me. What a joke!

Thank you! ;)

jncutt said...

Anonymous #1 - Thanks for sharing your insights. I found it hard to believe that customers will state that they do not care about the IP Based number. Never in my mind would they say such thing like that. IP Based number or names are important addresses to have around. It is their back up plan in the event phone number does not work. Like I said in my posting, it is ok to have a phone number. It is nice to have a simple one to call or list. Bottom line is you are still running via an ip number. Why do we have a public ip address on the Sorenson and DLink? You will see an IP address there anyway because you are still using a high speed internet from your Cable or DSL provider that lease off ip address numbers from what your modem provides. Phone numbers on your Sorenson or Dlink routes to the VRS provider's server to read off the name of your friend's listing per the MAC ID address. Again, you are still using an IP address.

In this case I will agree with you if anyone can come up with a very expert proposition to make things easier on the technology aspects then I am with that.


jncutt said...

Sweetmind #1 - I can understand your concern about the ip address. I would do the same thing out of concern when giving to them via my computer. My most concern is if you have the ports open, that is what can let hackers in. But on a videophone, nahhhh. It never concerns me because it runs via the VRS Provider's server. Who wants to hack into a video. It can happen but today I noticed a posting on deafread and it hacked into Sorenson s system. So therefore someone may left the port open there. Historically IP address ran way back prior before a videophone came into play. So if you are comfy with phone number, so be it you have a preference. VP never was in play until Sorenson came up with the phone number at that time. So this phone number as my friend call it a 'fake" phone number that you are given to work with the VRS Provider's own server. Soon we will find more of the numbers from various VRS providers. If it was an acutal "real" phone number with a phone line attached to your VP, then you will be "billed" with payment to pay.

Now unto the Ojo, it was down recently and that is why you are not able to use the phone numbers due to the Worldgate Communication server being shut down. They simple turned it off due to a problem that arose. It only takes a little configuration on the Ojo to have it up and running on your end. I am sorry that you were not as happy on both services. It is your decision to go with or without it. Everybody has their way of finding a communication method to suit their satisfaction. For now Ojo is my preference because the picture quality are crystal clear and sharper. I am happy with it unless a new technology device comes into play. Bottom line here is IP address is my back up when the "fake" phone number does not work.

About the interpreter issues, everybody are having problems with these. I agree with you 100 percent that we need high qualified interpreters that can be like a CODA in all high level of businesses, hospitals, schools, and colleges. Problem is where are affordable interpreter agencies that will meet the business, school, hospital and college's happiness without using the wording "minimum"? That is what bothering them. What can we do about it? We have no control. If a change in play occur, and it goes without the "minimum", will it work successfully? It is up to the interpreter agencies to make those structure fee changes. Let hope it works!

Thanks for your message here


jncutt said...

Anonymous #2 - I do not know why u are bringing this up to Sweetmind, it is very obviously you are the dude all along hacking or advising people. If you read my profile which I think you misread, I am just an Design Consultant in relation to architect world. Not a progammer or system analysis. Since you stated that I am able to read the IP from the comment post, I called in the company and they stated there is NO WAY can I trace any IP address when a person leaves a comment. THe only way they can find out is having a software called analytics that can check any sites coming into their systems or server, etc etc. So therefore in layman term, everyone can sign in this free program if they are sooooo worry about hackers digging in. So therefore, Sweetmind, I am sorry I have no clue about what Anonymous #2 was talking about. Glad I am just merely a consultant. He may be the culpit all along.

So tonight in the posting of hacking into the Sorenson system, was that you Anonymous #2? From the way you stated, you seem to know more about finding IP addresses.

Someone may be watching over you Anonymous #2.. Hope that would be Sweetmind.

jncutt said...

Sweetmind #2 - Well stated! I bow unto you...


Anonymous said...

James Northcutt

You're misunderstanding a big time. It goes to show that you're not well informed.

Fast forward: the purpose of
IP address is to protect you
against hackers. For example, if you got a spam that appears to be
absuive or sexual harassment, you
are TO FORWARD the sender's spam
to your ISP. Then the ISP will
investigate who a hacker is.
If you do not show the FULL HEADER without IP address, your ISP is unable to investigate for
you. I always send the full header
of a spam sender's email.

Back to square one:

From where did I learn about IP address? From the human editor. I'll explain from my experience. I found out last year after clicking one of human editors' name to ask a question about DeafRead, all of a sudden, my IP number popped up above the human editor's name.

Then later, I clicked a blog for
reading, all of a sudden, the blogger said, "Your IP address is
#########." I was dumbfound, so I
asked the same human editor why.
He assured me that it IS normal for an IP address to appear not only in Deafread but also in email.

As I have explained earlier above,
the human editor and my ISP are
right that ISP address appears in
each and every email you ever
click to send or to receive.

IP address protects people against
hackers. You can use 1,0000
nicknames, but your IP address
will NEVEr change.

ISP is very protective for their
customers' IP addresses.

Patience said...

Great work.

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