Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ojo Videophone - Today updated letter from SnapVRS CEO

Hi! It has been approximately 3 weeks ago that Worldgate Communication shut down its operations as a first step to winding down its business to all Ojo customers, Snap!VRS CEO, Richard Schatzber, has addressed the latest report. Please go to the to read his report. This letter were meant for all SnapVRS Ojo Customers. Hopefully soon this will be resolved.

Stay postive on this.

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Judge said...

With a permission from Jeff Rosen, the attorney of Snap!VRS, here is an excerpt from an email...


Not a problem, in this line of work I continue to feel as I serve the public interest in my capacity as a Snap employee and therefore want to work in a transparent and accountable way to consumers. At the same time, as Phil noted, WorldGate is in a difficult financial and legal situation (not of Snap's making), and so it is also incumbent on me not to publicly disclose information that may compromise WorldGate.

For those who may not have yet received this, today Snap posted on its website a brief update, which reads as follows:


Date: 2/21/08

Dear Snap!VRS Customers,

Since my last update with you, Snap!VRS has continued to work hard to restore the Ojo network at the earliest time possible. While I'm pleased to inform you that we are making good progress in working with WorldGate to reestablish the Ojo network for everyone, our resolution must include mechanisms which ensure that we will not experience an Ojo network outage again.

During this challenging time, we have received an amazing outpouring of support for Snap!VRS from customers. We appreciate your trust in us and your encouragement for us to continue providing quality video relay services and equipment. Together we will overcome this temporary setback and Snap!VRS is committed to being part of the deaf and hard of hearing community for a long time to come.

Please know that Snap!VRS is still in business and providing interpreting s ervices 24 hours a day. In contrast to the Ojo network, our network is still up and we have maintained our interpreter staffing levels throughout the Ojo network outage. Many Ojo users are temporarily using an alternative video phone (e.g. VP-100/200 and D-Link) to call Snap!VRS by dialing "" or "". If you need instructions on how to do this then please contact Snap!VRS Customer Service.

As in the past, I will keep you up to date with more information about WorldGate's Ojo network as soon as it becomes available.

Richard Schatzberg

Richard and I worked on this update together. I share that with you because I want to be clear that it reflects both of our views about how far we can publicly discuss this issue. Already, this update has been circulated in several investor boards including the Yahoo forum Phil referred to.

I'm sorry I cannot say exactly when we can expect the Ojo network to be back up; I am only able to report that we are making good progress. As Richard said, Snap is 100% set in not participating in the restoration of the Ojo network until there are mechanisms in place to ensure that the outage will not happen again.

Clearly it would have been best if Snap did not have to depend on WorldGate to maintain the Ojo network. However, the Ojos today represent an investment by WorldGate of more than a decade and two hundred million dollars. This is a good reason why we dont see more vp options in our community. However, we are proud to make that breakthrough in providing the Ojos as a vp option and will continue to work until its set right.

Our biggest disappointment has, and continue to be, the loss of capacity of people who depended on the Ojo for their telecommunications needs. We need to get that righted, and do it soon.

Thanks again Neil, for raising your question here.


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